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South African Disabled Golf Association

The South African Disabled Golf Association is privileged to have King David Mowbray Golf Course as their home in the Western Province.

Vision, Mission and Positions Statements

  • Encourage every South African with a disability to play golf.
  • Promote golf as a viable form of rehabilitation and recreation for the disabled.
  • Bring together able and disabled golfers to share their love for the game, in the spirit of friendship and competition.
  • Introduce disabled golfers to careers in the golfing industry
  • To educate and support schools for the disabled with regards to golf as a sport and how it can assist with social skills and physical development
  • To position SADGA as a responsible player in the golfing arena that is committed to integrate the disabled into the game of golf.


The First Swing Program is a series of clinics at participating schools across South Africa for disabled children and youth - focusing not only on golf but on rehabilitation through golf as well.

  • Therapeutic, social and psychological development of disabled children
  • A modified golf environment is created at the schools using the SNAG range of bright, durable, fun golfing equipment
  • Severely disabled children get the opportunity to take part and to be part of a group
  • Adaptive golf program accommodating all disabilities with achievable goals
  • Increase in self-esteem, confidence, respect, responsibility, honesty, integrity and perseverance
  • National program operational at 35 schools. The program is offered at the school making it convenient for the children
  • Children with physical disabilities receive golf coaching and are given the chance to participate in different golf events.
  • Children with severe, physical disabilities that would never be able to play a round of golf on a regulation golf course are also taught the basics of golf in order to enhance muscle movement and to get a chance to enjoy an outdoor sport activity.
  • We encounter children that cannot take part in any other sport because of the severity of their disability, but because golf, at the stage where they take part in, is not very physical, the result is that we have children that can take part in a sport for the first time – a feat that is very, very important to them.
  • A golf career guidance programwhere SADGA brings the children in contact with various career opportunities in golf.

We have 3 levels (Level 1,2,3) covering Therapeutic Modified Golf for the Disabled as well as two more Levels (Level 4 & 5) for the more advanced golfers. Each level will consist of either or both = Sensory (Blind and Deaf) as well as Physically Disabled, including both Adults and Juniors.

  • Level 1 - 2 (700 children) For severely disabled Juniors who cannot leave the school for sport. SADGA will bring the sport to them by setting up modified golf environments in the schools hall.
  • Level 3 (220 children) For Juniors that can complete 9 holes of regular golf and/or complete a mashie course.
  • Level 4 (39 children) For golfers who have managed to get a SAGA (SA Golf Association) official golf handicap and will take part in the SA Disabled Golf Open.
  • Level 5 (4 children) For the most talented golfers who have single figure SAGA official golf handicaps and who will compete Nationally and Internationally and hopefully one play in the Paralympics.

There are 20 dedicated and passionate coaches countrywide who coach the disabled children. Andrew Corthing, AAA PGA Coach, is the Head Coach of SADGA and is responsible for developing programs and training schedules for the FSP. FSP coaches are accountable and get paid on presentation of an attendance register and monthly report.

Deaf Junior Go for Gold Program

A talent identification program for the Deaf Juniors has been introduced with these goals and objectives for participating schools from 5 Provinces having weekly FSP coaching.

  • Top 3 golfers from each school attend the CANON Deaf Jnr Inter Provincials in December.
  • Regularly playing in the monthly Provincial Days.
  • Qualify for the CANON SA Disabled Golf Open.
  • Handicap of 12 or less qualifies for the SA Deaf Trials in December 2017.
  • World Deaf Golf Championships every 2nd year (2018 in Ireland).

Provincial Days are monthly games where the golfers who have reached golf course membership (Level 4 & 5) take part in Provincial Days which are run monthly in the major centers of South Africa. This event culminates in a Provincial Challenge held once a year.

The SA Disabled Golf Open is a 54 hole, 3 day annual amateur international tournament. It is the biggest tournament of its kind on the African continent and incorporates all disabilities.2017 was the 19th SA Disabled Golf Open.

World Cup of Disabled Golf took place in Cape Town at King David Mowbray Golf Club in May 2017. This is the 2nd time that South Africa has hosted the event with thanks to the sponsorship of the National Lotteries Commission. 2017 saw 13 teams of 2 golfers with single figure golf handicaps teeing it up on the magnificent King David Mowbray Golf Course. This event will showcased the best disabled golfers in the world and is a step in the right direction to get disabled golf accepted into the Paralympics.